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image processing lab 2.8.0

Image Processing Lab is an image processing application written in C#, which includes different filters and tools to analyze images available in AForge.NET Framework. The following filters are available in the IPLab application: * Color filters (gr


Order Processing System PL + 1.0.2

Order Processing System E + is a powerful tool for the management and operation contracts for services, products, goods. This application allows you to check the status and progress of the affairs commissioned by clients, keeping history of execution or o


AbExtra Free From Processing Software 2.4

Easy to use Free From Processing Software for both beginner and pro. You create the HTML form, in the normal way then simply register the form with us, We process all the returned forms for you, either emailing details to you as each form arrives, or stor


Mainmedia Video Processing Directshow Filter

video processing directshow filter sdk, rotate video, flip grayscale video


AXMEDIS GRID Content Processing Tools

AXMEDIS Content ProcessingTools, Rule Editor and GRID AXCP Tools


Processing For Windows

ProcessingJS For Windows provides a learning tool for creative coding in ProcessingJS environment as well as a simple platform for writing your own ProcessingJS sketches from scratch


Processing Sandbox

Processing Sandbox lets you play with the ProcessingJS visual programming library


Natural Language Processing

Bored of reading books but still aspired to learn? Here is our complete video tutorial app focusing on natural language processing in computer science engineering with in-depth coverage


Audio Processing Basics

This course builds on your understanding of sound with a professional look at audio processing in today's recording environment


ECE - Digital Image Processing - Video

Bored of reading books but still aspired to learn? Here is our complete video tutorial app focusing on Digital Image processing in Electronics and Communications Engineering with in-depth coverage