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aabacus helps you to keep an eye on the events. It is a simple counter, a stop watch or a bit more sophisticated statistical tool. You can build your own UI with aabacus. You can define several types of “counters” divided into “topics”.

You can use the following counter types:

for following events or for counting objects (e.g.: car brands at traffic monitoring, or manufacturing flaws).

for parallel timing (e.g.: Triathlon, following shifting launched athletes)

Switch timer
for serial timing (e.g.: football: possession, if one team gets the ball the other team’s counter stops automatically.

Stop watch
classic stop watch (e.g.: for following bike race lap times). You need to click "// toggle all" button to switch (start/stop) the counters.

classic offline surveys where topics are questions counters are the answer options (e.g.: exit poll)
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