Antivirus for windows


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This app educates the user about different antiviruses and their features and spcefications and other details like where to download etc........
this app does not require any user account....
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Free antivirus for Windows 8
"Is there any free edition antivirus can be download online? if you can come up with more advantages and disadvantades of those antivirus is much better. thanks in advance...."
Looking for a good Antivirus and Spyware in Windows 8 beta
"Those days i'm looking for a good antivirus and spyware. I have tried several antivirus software, and some of them can not meet my needs. then i have to turn to friends for help and they all told me that [COLOR="blue"]Iobit Security 360 [/COLOR]is en..."
Problem Caused by Killing Virus in Windows 8
"Hello, guys, Yesterday, I found that I could not receive pictures from my friend through MSN (not shield). And my laptop is with windows 8 operating system. Then I used the antivirus software to diagnose the problem, there were over 2,700 viruses...."


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Antivirus for windows

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