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Exchange messages with your friends in total privacy. Every message is encrypted for privacy, signed for confidence that it hasn't been changed, and is delivered to its recipient in such a way that no one but you and your friend know that there was a message exchanged between you.

Messages are delivered immediately, and if your friend isn't online or isn't running CryptoChat when you send the message, they'll receive a toast notification informing them of the message as soon as they're online -- even if the app isn't running.

Email privacy (or the lack thereof) has been in the news a lot lately. Just take a look at And your tweets or text messages are no better off, as you can see from this news: Take control of your own privacy by exchanging messages with your loved ones and your colleagues using CryptoChat.

CryptoChat encrypts your messages before you send them, so not even the authors of CryptoChat can read your messages. It's innovative delivery mechanism gets your message to its recipient without anyone, not even the authors of CryptoChat, knowing that you sent your friend a message.
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