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The demo version of dashface demonstrates which interfaces your field crew might use on the road to access enterprise data. The demo shows how a sales team views and processes order data using smart phones or tablets.

dashface is a tool which enables fast and easy access to your enterprise data – from anywhere at any time. The app content can be configured by the dashface Configuration Manager, so that it meets the specific processing needs of your manager team, sales force or service crew while they are on tour. Companies can assemble e.g. statistics on business volumes, customer details, service reports and task schedules as possible content of the actual empty app. The app itself is rendered on-the-fly by the rendering engine (see below).

Furthermore companies can also precisely define that only those data and functions of their business applications become an app feature which are essential and absolute needed on-site. This eases the software usage for the field crew and increases the security of remote data handling.

dashface is altogether focusing on that the enterprises get as fast as possible into the driver’s seat in order to administrate the ‘mobile backend’ and to manage the daily change request as well as the further app development without wasting time, money or rare skills.

- Personalized interfaces for existing business software
- Rapid app creation
- Short response time in case of changing business needs
- System administrators ‘configure’ app changes and the further app development
- Programming and communication with software or IT vendors isn’t mandatory anymore
- Deployment procedures, involvement of the users, approval by apple’s appstore becomes dispensable


Client Rendering Engine
- Initiate connection to the Information Broker
- View enterprise data
- Collect new enterprise data
- Cooperate with other apps

Information Broker
- Fetch enterprise data from backend systems
- Fetch configurations from the Configuration Manager
- Deliver data and configurations to the Rendering Engines
- Forward collected data to the backend systems

Configuration Manager
- Define data fields
- Restructure Interface
- Administrate roles & rights
- Administrate languages

Connector (adis)
- Connect the Information Broker with backend systems
- Provide enterprise data within a buffer store
- Synchronize data audit compliant to backend systems
- Enable staging


- SQL Editor
- App designer
- Roles & rights manager

Organisation & Languages
- Multi client capability
- Export & import options for configurations
- Multi languages capability (D, UK, F, IT, PL, CZ, ES, TR, SE)
- SSL for data exchange

- Personalization
- HTML 5 ready
- Offline modus
- Embedable in cloud- & virtual environments


The Client Rendering Engine is also available for Android, iOS and HTML. Information Broker and Configuration Manager are based on .net-technology. The web service needs Microsoft IIS, Configuration Manager requires Microsoft Windows.

The web service is also available as a Java-version which enables the integration within Websphere
SQL and OData can be used as data base. Configuration Manager and Connector can be handled by SQL-experienced system administrator after two days of training.


License fees depend on the numbers of client-user and the numbers of implemented mandators ( Information Broker, Configuration Manager). For more details ask audius GmbH.

ROI of dashface is achieved in less than 6 month mainly.
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