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Using the "Follow MS Malware Protection Center" app you can now easily follow MS Malware Protection Center RSS feed.
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Virus Protection in Winodws 8
"I have 25 days until my [COLOR="royalblue"]Iobit Security 360 [/COLOR]is up. I don't want to use MSE. I've always been a Iobit kid and think it may be time for a change. I'm looking for a Paid/ Free. All in one Virus and Malware protection, simil..."
Real-time Protection Software
"Hi, guys As a newbie, I want to know which one is better for real-time protection. I know the general recommendation is only one real-time program monitoring your computer to prevent conflicts, but i still prefer a second monitor. i already use ..."
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"I am running windows 8 beta on a DELL all-in-one. to be on the safe side, I have installed [COLOR="blue"]Iobit Security 360[/COLOR], and I think I have Windows firewall enabled. but, with little computer knowledge, how can i see that the firewall i..."


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