Kontakt 5 Advanced


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Using Kontakt just to play back factory samples is like driving your Audi S5 in 4th gear at 25 mph. Boring! If you want to break the speed of sound, this accelerated course shows you how to put pedal to the metal and squeeze every ounce of horsepower from Native Instruments' supercharged sampler.

OK, enough car analogies: let's downshift to see what makes this course redline! (oops... couldn't help myself.)

Seriously, Kontakt is a tweaker's dream come true. From recording your own samples to creating you own custom instruments, Kontakt does it all! You can even create your own scripts to graphically design your own user interface. Yes, this is one deep sampler that enables you to conceptualize and build instruments that are uniquely yours.

In this first advanced course we handed the keys to the very talented Matt Vanacoro who lifts up the hood and shows you some of the cooler stuff Kontakt can do. You learn all about creating rich multi-instruments and how to extend the power of some of the included patches. From there Matt plunges into advanced sampling techniques, mapping and effects processing.

This course concludes with a sneak peak at scripting as a teaser for what might me coming next in what we know will be the best Kontakt kourse kollection on the planet!

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction (Digging Deeper)
2. Power User Options
3. Optimizing Your Computer for Sampling
4. CPU Management (How to load a BUNCH of plugins!)
5. Purging Samples From Memory
6. Splits and Layers
7. Host Automation and Mapping
8. Solid G EQ and Solid Bus Comp
9. Tape Saturator & Transient Master
10. Envelopes and Filters to Fine Tune Your Sound
11. Advanced Retro Machines
12. Building a Better Choir... with Choir
13. Putting the ‘Band’ Together
14. 'Orchestral' for Scoring
15. Fun With Synths!
16. Dissecting Urban Beats
17. Sampling (It’s All About Workflow)
18. Building Your First Sampled Instrument
19. Groups and Multiple Layers
20. Auto-mapping Sample Import
21. The Wave Editor
22. Looping, Slicing and Time Machine
23. What’s a Script?
24. Expanding Your Sample Library with Komplete
25. Where to Go From Here
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Kontakt 5 Advanced

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