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Get 5 hours of new Logic Studio Tips and Tricks by world renowned Logic guru Steve Horelick and friends.

What is a TNT? TNT (tee-en-tee)
Pronunciation: \ˌtē-ˌen-ˈtē\ sometimes referred to as "Tips 'N Tricks."
Function: noun

-an extremely explosive collection of Logic tips and tricks formed when star Logic trainer Steve H mixes his highly volatile, creative mind with Logic’s deep and often arcane functionality. This unpredictably dangerous mixture often produces a mind blowing expansion of one’s Logic knowledge base.

Warning: This collection can be habit forming. Users have complained that it is so addictive that they can no longer go to YouTube. View at your own discretion.

Actually, this collection of videos was created every month for a year and is now available as a complete tutorial! Topics covered include all aspects of music production, sound design, workflow, and synth programming. And, of course, there are Steve’s surprising explorations into Logic’s environment where he shows you how to build all kinds of awesome MIDI madness!

This is an incredible opportunity for you to have one of the world's best Logic educators show you how to do complex, extremely specialized production techniques in Logic Studio.

Table of Contents:
01. Introducing the Pads
02. Introducing the Processors
03. Adding Warmth
04. One Big Synth
05. Designing a Sound
06. Finishing the Design
07. Introducing the FX Bypass
08. Midi Discovery
09. Step 1- Creating the Switch
10. Programming the Transformers
11. Copying and Connecting Transformer
12. The Final Connection
13. FX ByPasser Wrap Up
14. FX Bypasser Expanded
15. Sculpture's Cinematic Textures
16. Programming The Objects and Modulators
17. The Material and Morph Pads
18. The Final Touches
19. Introducing Visual Metronomes
20. Creating a Click Track Visual Metronome
21. Changing Time Signatures
22. The MIDI Click Object uncovered
23. Creating a Dual Light Visual Metronome
24. Creating a multi-light Visual Metronome
25. Creating a Switch
26. The Visual Metronome Challenge & wrap-up
27. What Happens When Recording Audio in Logic
28. Exporting/Importing the Audio with Meta Data
29. Importing the Audio Files Meta Data
30. Let Logic Find the Files Tempo
31. Beat Mapping to Make Tempo Map - Part 1
32. Beat Mapping to Make Tempo Map - Part 2
33. Two Unrelated Tracks Playing Nicely Together… AHH...
34. Triggering Bus Sends With KBD Notes
35. All About Macros
36. Discovering the Fader Data
37. Turning Note Events into Fader Events
38. Programming The Main Transformers
39. Wiring Up The Controls
40. Using Meta Events
41. Holiday Intro
42. Channelizer Intro
43. Setting Up Midi Channels
44. Yikes! No Note Offs!
45. So What's inside that Macro?
46. Remote Controlling Transformers
47. Wiring Up the Transformers
48. Introducing David Earl
49. Sampler Track Tips
50. Midi Routing Explained
51. Playing With Delay Lines
52. More Midi Routing Cool Stuff
53. Touch OSC Set Up
54. Touch OSC Pans and Sends
55. Touch OSC Channel Strip Final
56. Touch OSC EQ
57. Touch OSC Software Inst
58. Touch OSC Automation
59. Wireless Midi Intro
60. Into The Abyss
61. Tour of Midi Touch
62. Networking
63. Shaking Hands
64. Intro to Mixer Snapshots
65. Storing MIDI Data in Faders in realtime
66. Recalling Captured Settings with Bang Faders
67. Switching Capture Mode On and Off
68. Capturing Pan, Mute and Send values
69. Creating an ‘Offline’ Capture Button
70. Adding Multiple Memory Banks (Scenes)
71. Designing the Interface & Packing Macros
72. Bonus - Total Recall: MIDI Controller Snapshot Fun!
73. Intro to Note Gate
74. What's a Note Gate?
75. How The Note Gate Works
76. Note Gates In Action

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