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You've been waiting for it, now here it is, the quintessential reddit browser for Windows 8. Narwhal gives you all your favorite subreddits at the touch of a finger. You can peruse the stories on your Front Page, browse to your subscribed subreddits, search for new subreddits and pin subreddits to your start page.

Got a reddit account? Login to reddit through Narwhal, and you can up and downvote topics and comments. You can even post comment replies.

Got more than one reddit account? That's great! Because Narwhal supports multiple accounts, and allows you to switch between accounts with a couple taps of your fingers.

Narwhal is designed for either finger or mouse, and looks great on a 10" tablet or a 25" monitor.

Give us a try, and you'll understand that this Narwhal doesn't need to wait for midnight-- it bacon's whenever it wants.
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