NI: Monark Demystified


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In this course, presenter Matt Vanacoro takes you through every virtual knob and control in Monark. He explains the signal routing and shows you all the hidden functionality that makes this synth sing.

You learn about Monark's oscillators, modulators, filters and amplifiers and how they all work together in typical analog fashion to produce that classic sound. You also get an explanation of Monark's seriously cool back panel where the true analog magic happens. Here is where the Native Instrument design team has gone the extra distance. The back panel lets you add ultimate realism to your sound design by controlling the classic analog drift, tracking and distortion. WOW!

So dig into this deceptively complex synth with the awesome Matt Vanacoro as he shows you how to harness that analog warmth and add some heat to your productions!

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. What is Monark?
3. Installing, Activating and Finding Monark
4. Reaktor Options with Monark
5. The Main Window & Toolbar
6. Analog Synth Signal Flow
7. The Control Section
8. The Oscillator Section
9. The Mixer Section
10. Filters!
11. The Recorder
12. MIDI Control
13. Snapshot Morphing and Randomizing
14. Crafting Synth Sounds
15. The Back Panel
16. What's Next?
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NI: Monark Demystified

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