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Movie? Play? Dinner? Game night at a sports bar with friends?

Don’t you just hate those days when you want to do something fun but just don’t know what to do, and what all might be going on around you?
Or what about when you want to go out shopping, but don’t know if you missed a good offer around and which stores are on sale?
How about when you want to share a great experience, or even a lousy one at a particular place, with others in your city?

Allow NowFloats to help.

- Share your thoughts (aka 'floats'), pictures, reviews and recommendations with others. These are tagged to the place that you floated them in. So, anyone around the area, or coming into the area at any point can see these. Also, you can see what others are ‘floating’ around you!

- Explore your neighborhood and find most anything - from restaurants, shops, malls and cinemas to bowling alleys, boutiques, hospitals, hardware stores or electronics shops. And then some.

- Look up sales and offers around you.

- An event that you’re unaware of? Well that is less likely with NowFloats! The best is getting all the details of an event, neatly laid out in a single screen grab.

All this information is available to you within an adjustable radius (up to 20 kms), and when information gets old, it auto-expires, keeping the content fresh.

So, with NowFloats, you always stay at the crossroads of here and now.



- 'Thoughts' are available everywhere in the world - to create or view. However, Events & Market works best in India currently (thanks to partnering some of the best content companies here). We're working hard to ensure better content becomes available in other markets too.

- The app is currently optimised for 1366 x 768 screens. We're working on the next build which will scale across screen sizes.
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