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SAS® Flash Cards gives you the ability to increase your knowledge by practicing with flash cards using Windows 8. With SAS® Flash Cards, you can download and play flash card decks in numerous subjects.
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Flash Player in Windows8 beta
"Unfortunately my pc encountered a problem, for its flash player does not work although the macromedia folder with the flash files is present. neither the uninstall nor the install programs work. anyone can help me in this please?..."
Another Blue Screen Problem in Windows 8
"Hello, everyone, Today,I started up my laptop with windows 8, and upgraded Adobe Flash Player 10. A strange thing happened. The screen became blue! Whatever I tried were useless! Without Adobe Flash Player 10, I will have no access to many..."
Help for the Slow Operation in Windows 8
"Hey, guys, In the recent few days, a problem is annoying me. As a newbie, I could not find a good way to solve it. To be specific, my laptop with windows 8 operating system is running very slowly. It often gets stuck and I could not visit the webp..."


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SAS Flash Cards

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