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Sony Sound Site is your gateway to Sony Sound Series Loops & Samples—the most diverse, dynamic, and eclectic collection of royalty free sample libraries available anywhere. Use the Sound Site to browse titles, audition sounds, listen to demo tracks, and discover libraries that work well together. Stay up-to-date on all the latest releases. Explore the entire Sound Series catalog on your mobile devices, including libraries in the Premium, Standard, and Classic Collection tiers, Sound Effects compilations, and Boxes & Bundles assortments. Search for the titles you need by keyword, filter titles by tier, genre, and artist, and sort titles by name, customer ratings, and release date. Add titles to the built-in shopping cart, purchase them from directly within the Sound Site app, and receive download codes via email. Back at your studio, enter the codes and download great Sony Sound Series library titles directly to your workstation desktop.
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Sound Site

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