The Placenta E.P (New Friends Vol 1)


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A lesson in how you should always have an open mind, especially when introduced to new people and music. This E.P almost never happened due to self-imposed rules. We are so glad it did!

PLACENTA - An inspiring piece of Techno. The compulsory phat rolling bassline intertwined with intricate melodies create an immense sense of atmosphere but with enough oommf to deliver at 'peaked' moments

SAUCERFUL - Crazily deep venture. Envelops you immediately on first listen, but with enough detail to make you want to hear it again... It has the strength to take the right dancefloor, at the right time to the further reaches :) Reminiscent of the electronic sound that I first fell in love with!

A Powerful release, we are proud to have Shane onboard.

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The Placenta E.P (New Friends Vol 1)

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