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Simply, the rule is that user can shoot the baseball in 30 seconds. Based on the guide line, user can shoot 0, 2 or 3 points. Shooting position to fall is decided by user's clicking time. On button pressed first, the guideline for jumping moves. Then user can press the same button to catch the jump timing. Next, the rim for aiming ball to fall will be shown from left or right randomly, move to right or left, and back to left or right continuously. Finally if user press the same position button when the rim is on the goal's location, The "Goal" effect will be shown. If not, then "Miss" effect will be shown. The private data (score, time, and all of others) is just temporarily used for gaming, would not be saved anywhere including user's PC itself. When the time is equal to 00:00 finishing effect will be shown on screen, and user cannot use the button based on the rules. This game can be reset time and score by pressing the reset button.
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