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Windows 8 Desktop Gadgets has Stopped Working
"hello, guys I hope this is the right place to get. if not, i apologize, let me know and i will move it to where it should be. my desktop gadgets such as Adobe reader have stopped working one week ago and i have googled this error up but still can..."
Unknown Connection Problem in Windows 8
"Hi guys, Several days ago, I upgraded the operating system of my laptop to Windows 8. It plays well in its role. Then, I got media edition 2005m. But I'm unable to download the guide. I'm using earthlink dial up as my isp. The event log text is as..."
Windows 8 installation guide
"hi all, Due to the sleek and quick operation of windows 8, I also want to have a try. I decide to install Windows 8 in a VMware workstation first to make sure that the DVD I burned is perfect. VMware is great for taking screen shots and screen cap..."


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