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Toonlog, a cartoon catalog (carTOON cataLOG - get it?) of single-panel funnies from Bear Facts cartoons. Scroll through and read the cartoons. Couldn't be easier. Or funnier. Or better for your health.

Bored on the bus? Comatose in the cab? Losing it in a lecture? Flick through this first series of cartoons from the Bear Facts stable. Although, really, "stable" is a misleading term … y'know, horses don't produce a lot of cartoons. Perhaps I should've said "desk". I was trying to avoid saying "Flick through this first series of cartoons from Bear Facts cartoons". Bit repetitive, y'see.

Anyhoo, merely scroll across the 'toons (after you've read and giggled appropriately at each one) to see the next revealed in all its amusing glory. Chuckle aimlessly on public transport to yourself like a loon. At least now you'll have a reason.

By the way, Bear Facts cartoons have appeared in Australian daily newspapers, Asian newspapers, and a Scandinavian comic (I kid you not) for more than a decade.
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