Vine vs Vine


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Vine Vs. Vine is an entertaining little app to help you keep track of what’s hot and what’s not in the land of Vines. Open the app and the videos start pouring in. Soon you will be shown two videos simultaneously. With the options to pause or mute one or the other, you decide which to watch. The Vines run in loops until you click to vote for one or the other, or pause them.

Everyone will wonder what you’re doing as you’re laughing out loud, watching the nonsense of peoples’ daily life unfold before your eyes. Use Vine vs Vine to blow off a little steam, or any time you’re looking for a quick pick me up. It’s addicting however—so don’t be surprised if you find yourself camped out with your smart phone or camera creating your own vines, solely so you too can get on the Top 25.
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Vine vs Vine

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