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Come let's play the music on the world famous musical instrument Piano and rock the world.
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weird keyboard
"Recently I have re-booted pc, the weird thing appeared after that. when I trying to run my printer program, instead of a backward slash appearing, it shows an accented È. I know it means I can not access my software. in the meantime, other keys are ..."
Weird keyboard problem in windows 8
"Hey, guys Coming here for help because you guys have fixed all my problems in the past. may be i should go straight to the problem, for example, when i push the button ', i will get a ". in this case, only delete the previous can i write correctly. ..."
Virtual Machine in Windows 8 Having no Access to Web
"Hello, everyone, Recently, my brother installed a virtual machine on Windows 8, the machine is vmware7.1. What's strange is that it can not have the access to the web. And we got some information on Google, and finished the steps in accordance wit..."


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Virtual Keyboard

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Hey i really need to know what eiitdng system u use for your vids. And is it free or does it cost money? If it costs money how much? PLZ PLZ PLZ REPLY! Artic: I had trouble with this stuff at first to. The Unregistered Hypercam2 is free, but you will have a white box in the corner all the time. For an eiitdng program on windows, Click start and go to All programs, Accesories, and Entertainment. Click Windows Movie Maker. When your done with your video save it as a video file and put it on Youtube for the world to see!!!!
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