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0 reviews is the largest online forum for Windows 8 help and support. It provides support to Windows 8 users who have technical issues with a variety of Windows 8 tutorial articles from experienced experts. The forum features the metro UI with similar style as Windows 8’ metro start screen and is the first Windows 8 support forum which has metro style. Any questions about Windows 8, please visit
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Fix Windows 8 Problems
"Though Windows 8 is so powerful, I have to say that Windows 8 exists many problems during the use. Is there any easy way for a non-professional computer user to fix Windows 8 Problems? I am only use browsers, office, and some media software, l..."
Eight Forums Banner
"Hello, everyone Is there a charming Eight Forums banner where I could put on my site to link? I would like more than just a text link. In peacetime, I like to try many new things even as a newbie. hope this time you all can satisfy my desire. ma..."
Windows 8 forums register
"Hey guys, Windows 8 forums is a community dedicated to the rumored new version of Microsoft Windows, We wil have all the information of windows 8 development from Beta, and all the way to Windows 8 final. Here you can get the newest informat..."


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Windows 8 Forums

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