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9GAG - Just for Fun. Watch all the memes on your phone and save your favourite for later in your picture library or just share them straight from the app! -- update 1.3 -- - Update the new 9gag service - Preloading next image and next page - Copy url - Open in borowser - A bit faster downloading - Resume now works always - Better fast app switching - Better detection of 9gag changes - Faq - Reset cache and settings - Info from the developer - Advanced settings (change server address) Can't do due to platform limitations: - can't send email with attachement - can't do anything about facebook not showing miniatures I will: - never give you up - add kinetic (aka smooth) scrolling
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Firefox on Pcbeta Forum in Windows 8
"Hi guys, Have you ever encountered this kind of problem? The browser I'm using now is Firefox. When I use it on the Pcbeta forum, there is no smooth scrolling effect, if I use the roller on the mouse, the rolling speed of the webpage is also fixed..."



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