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Simply best logos quiz game of currently existing on Marketplace.
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1024 x 768 Windows 8 IE logo wall paper for website coders
"[ATTACH=CONFIG]51[/ATTACH] (Click the wall paper to enlarge) Wall paper with IE logo which is integrated by website codes. Full of secrecy..."
Add OEM Logo to Windows 8 System Prosperities
"Hi guys, Do you know how to add OEM logo to Windows 8 system properties? I have heard about this from one of my friends. Then what it for to add OEM logo? As a computer newbie, I’m trying to getting more knowledge about it. So pls advise! M..."
Windows 8 New LOGO: Pure Blue
"Hi guys, Have you got the news about Windows 8 new Logo? It is a pure blue one. I attached a shot for you, please check it. [ATTACH=CONFIG]117[/ATTACH] Do you like it? Any ideas?..."


Best Logo Quiz

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