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Direct Remote Free allows you to control your DirecTV boxes over wifi. Move from room to room, controlling any box with ease. *Direct Remote Free requires that your DirecTV boxes be connected to your wifi router.* Check the following URL to see if your box is supported. Features: * Favorites Page - Keep track of your favorite channels. Quickly see what is on and tune to them. * Full Remote - Has most of the commonly used buttons from your DirecTV remote on a single page. * Compact Remote - Places the most commonly used buttons at your disposal. The numpad is hidden by default, and is accessible via a quick button press. * Stores the locations of multiple boxes so that switching between them takes seconds. 2.0 Improvements * New Main Page * Skip Back and Jump Forward Buttons * Bug Fixes 1.4 Improvements * Favorites Page * Removed ads from the Settings page 1.3 Improvements * Bug Fixes 1.2 Improvements * Fixed What's On page * Fixed crashing Ads * Improved Icons This app requires that your DirecTV boxes be connected to your wifi router. Please visit the DirecTV website for instructions on how to connect them.
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"As a newbie, i want to know whether it is possible to join a homegroup with 2 pc connected to a router (wired)? thank you for your time and i'm waiting here for your help...."


Direct Remote

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