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Enjoy the TV shows on EveryonTV anytime, anywhere! EveryonTV provides the brand new experience of enjoying unlimited TV channels on PC, Smartphone and Tablet PC. Just have your own TV in your hand! - The main features of EveryonTV * Provides 100 channels of Live TV shows on free You can enjoy the various channels of Live TV shows with EveryonTV anytime, anywhere. With simple installation of EveryonTV, 100 channels are free to watch! * Provides PC application for PC users. Want to enjoy TV shows with PC screen in your room? Have one in your PC! (http://www.everyon.tv) * Share the real time experience with Facebook and Twitter No more watching TV alone, you can easily share what you are watching with your friends by connecting Facebook and Twitter account with EveryonTV. Sharing the real time experience of enjoying doubles your joy. * HD 1Mbps bit-rate quality streaming service Now you can experience 1Mbps bit-rate quality video streaming service on you mobile screen by simply turning on EveryonTV. For more details and further information, Please visit official EveryonTV website. (http://www.everyon.tv)
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Application experience kills Windows 8 internet
"Hi everyone, With unclear reasons, my windows 8 loses all the internet connectivity. I have an IP address and am able to reach the configrution information page of my router. I have restarted my computer several times but there is no help. ..."



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