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Hundreds of hilarious hand picked fail pictures. will be updated regularly with new pics. Update Details: Added 32 new fail images. Enjoy!
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MSN Problem in Windows 8
"Hello, guys, I'm posting this thread for your timely help. Now I'm using MSN 2011 on my laptop with windows 8 operating system. Do you know what happened? The minimize, and the maximize button, even the close button all failed to work! It is real..."
Help for Right Installation Method of Win 8
"Hello, everyone, Long time ago, I heard from my friend that windows 8 operating system is amazing, and she suggested me install it on my laptop. So, last weekend, I got enough time to ensure a perfect installation of Win 8. At the begining, the in..."
Windows 8 SP1 Upgrading
"Hello guys, My computer has been running with Windows 8 Service Pack 1 for a long time. Recently, I formatted my PC, but now the problem I'm facing now is to upgrade it to SP2. I have attempted to upgradde it through Windows updating, but I failed..."



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