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(Version update info below) Mango support! Multiple live tiles-one of each blog. Also with Video support! Fail Blog, Failbooking, GraphJam, Win!, There I fixed it, GraphJam, This is Photobomb? What do all these things have in common? -They are all time wasters -They are (usually) hysterically funny -They all fit comfortably in the palm of your hand with this app Browse the blogs, share the images and save favorites! You can also just waste hours hitting the random button and just seeing more and more funnies! The following blogs are currently available: Fail blog ( Memebase Failbooking Very Demotivational Win! There, I fixed it GraphJam This is photobomb Damn you Autocorrect Comixed Picture is unrelated The Daily Squee I Can Has Cheezeburger Bros! Engrish Funny Tell us what features you want by using the built in Poll functionality! (Note: This app is unofficial and is not associated with these blogs) New in 2.10: * Added "Engrish Funny" * Fixed some images not loading properly New in 2.9: * Boot should be faster now. * Squashed some bugs * You can now disable the live tile capabilities (show the fish on the tile) New in 2.8 * Added Memebase * Squashed bugs New in 2.7 * Video support New in 2.5 *Fixed Facebook not working for some users *Fixed some crashes New in 2.4 *You can now search the various blogs (as you asked in the in-app poll!) *Added the "i can haz cheezeburger" blog. New in 2.3 *"The Daily Squee" Blog added New in 2.1 *Crash fixes *New blog (picture is unrelated) *Ability to un-pin tile from the app New in 2.0 *Mango support *You can now pin multiple tiles -up to one-per-blog to the start screen. *Perf is better *We reworked how the Panorama looks like to show more tiles *Added the "comixed" blog *Popular will now show more popular images from the blog you are looking at
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