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FreeWrite can add the original handwriting,wrods,sound recording, ,picture,photo,scrawl also can add lovely faces. and enjoy the fun of the handwriting, Support zoom-in and zoom-out.
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Not Finding Handwriting Board in Windows 8
"Hello guys, Several months ago, I bought a handwriting board for my parents, cause I often chat with then through the internet. Last evening, they called and told me that the writing board can not be used suddenly. The computer indicated them that..."
What's Wrong with the Handwriting Board in Windows 8
"Hello guys, My parents' computer is running with Windows 8 home premium now. They often use the handwriting board to chat with my brother and I. The board has been working smoothly since I bought it several weeks ago. But last evening, the problem..."
Character Staying on Desktop in Windows 8
"Hi guys, My parents are using handwriting board to surf on the net now, and the operating system on their computer is Windows 8. All things are OK. But recently, they say there seems something wrong with it. They can write with the board, but what..."



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