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0.9 Updated for Bing's transition to Azure for their api.. API now has a limit so keep your fingers crossed :D 0.8 Just a couple of network bug fixes, nothing too exciting : ). currently working on another project so still beta for now, but I hope it is useful in its current state! I do have big plans and ideas for this app, so stay tuned! One day I will have a final release. 0.7 Fix for bing changing Movie keyword from being Movies, to Movie to bring up the movies card. 0.6 Very minor update to fix the 16 bit banding issue and fix issues with youtube queries that had the "&" character in them. Still beta and if you come across issues, would love feedback through the "submit feedback" in the info screen. Hopefully I will have some time to play over the holidays to work on the issues you all have reported, I appreciate the feedback! "Good Movie?" is a mashup of Rotten Tomatoes, Bing, Youtube and Wikipedia focused on bringing you information about movies. Features: Search films using the Rotten Tomatoes database Reviews on films using the Rotten Tomatoes database News on films and actors using bing Trailers and videos on films and actors using youtube Images from film and actors using bing images Take screenshots from app at any time by double clicking Manipulate images into wallpaper sizes Customize movie background using opacity and blur Application keeps a list of films you recently viewed for quick access Live tile changes to last film you viewed Issues.. Could not find a good api for showtimes yet so the only way to get showtimes is by clicking the search icon to open Bing's info on the movie. Wikipedia info is very incomplete, will update in the near future.
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