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Life can be dangerous, so always carry a kitteh Having a tough day at work? Looking for some mindless fun? Luv cute kittehs? The app gives you easy access to LOL cats, and makes it easy to browse the pictures, save or share (facebook, twitter, sms, email) your favs, and try to keep a straight face during the meeting. It also supports several other picture blogs, if you're interested in them (just enable them in settings) try it. it's free. 1 Dec - v1.8 * faster download of feed items * more favorite items show on the main panorama * better display of captions for LOL Cats and several other blogs 1 Jul - v1.7 * more popular items shown on the main panorama 21 Apr - v1.6 * fixed several crashing bugs to make the app more stable * attempted to improve "random/mix it up mode" 28 Feb - v1.5 * fixed a bug where viewing popular would result in "recent" also showing popular * updated blog parsing to show more of the blog images 21 Feb - v1.4 * now supports rotation when you're viewing pics * no longer crashes (and shows good error) when trying to save an image when connected to zune/computer More update history available in the app (other | what's new), or at
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