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175 reviews The evolution of Meme Generator: Meme Hub aims to be the best Meme Generator of any mobile platform Features: - Complete UI overhaul in every possible screen - Save direct to phone from the create screen - Share direct from the create screen - Sharing to sms semi implemented (Attachments are not allowed yet) - Online now completely fleshed out - Search for a meme online - Online meme details include descriptions, creation count, votes and ranking stats - Download any meme template from - Attempt to get example texts for any meme (including default included memes) - See Trending generators - Rotation Animations (where applicable) - See latest made memes - See most popular memes of today - Manage your custom memes 4.4 Update -Switch Fonts in creator mode to Segoe Bold -Increase and decrease font sizes in creator 4.5 -pin creators to start -fix white theme sending -tweak sharing screen
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Meme Hub

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