Navy SEALs


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The US Navy SEALs are one of the worlds best fighting force. They are the best of the best. The Navy SEALs app provides an insight into the life and training of a Navy SEAL. See if you have what it takes to become a SEAL. The app has following sections: 1. Photos of SEALs in action and in training 2. Videos of SEALs in action and in training 3. Some of the weapons used by the SEALs and their descriptions 4. Become a SEAL a. Dress up like a SEAL to impress your friends. b. Application form links to become a 'real' SEAL 5. Product listings NB: * All pictures in the Photos section and all Videos in this app are courtesy of the NAVY SEAL & SWCC OFFICIAL SITE ( * This app is in no way related to the Official Navy SEAL site. * The application process to become a SEAL is for the United States Navy SEAL. Only US citizens can apply.
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Navy SEALs

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