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Hello, I'm a Panda! Fans of Chris Kent's groundbreaking work: The Panda Program, rejoice! After years of anticipation, The Panda has finally found it's way onto WP7. Panda first appeared as a Windows application 7 years ago. It has appeared in various forms since each with slight variations, but the true heart and soul of the Panda has remained pure. Panda features the following features: ☆ A Talking Panda! ☆ A Red Panda! ☆ A Blue Panda! ☆ A Screwed Up Panda! ☆ A Yellow Panda! ☆ A Green Panda! ☆ Magic Special feature from the Shaking! WOWEE! There have been over 10,000 downloads of the iOS version with such reviews as: "Genius: This app glows pure brilliance." - ~Louisa~ "i LOVE this app!!! :D it's awesome cause it has NO point!! I LOVE pandas whoever made this app is a GENIOUS!!!! :D" - Allison Assaff "This is the first review I have ever given for the best app I have ever downloaded. Thanks man!" - Karatronica "U shake it than a egg cracks and it make a weird sound what the heck" - Pandalover22 "BEST APP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Soulless Scene Email us at with questions, comments or suggestions! ► Twitter: ► Facebook: ► Blog: ► Email: ► Website: Be sure to visit us at for more great apps!
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panda antivirus cant work for windows 8?
"When the Windows 8 checks my apps, it said that Panda AntiVirus is not compatible. Panda antivirus cant work for windows 8? Does anyone know a free AntiVirus that I can use for windows 8? Thanks...."



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