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A fully-featured personality test that reveals how you behave from a psychological point of view. Developed with the help of psychologists around the world to enrich your life and unleash your potential, this test is used in correlation with career choices and academic behavior. It features the five factors model that has been consolidated over the last decades. Features: - based on the five factors model that has been developed over the course of decades by world-renowned psychologists. - 44 specific questions developed by a group of psychologists. Each question is used to describe you in terms of one of the five factors. - answers in terms of overall personality. Get the quick overview of the results for fast reading. - answers in terms of your specific behaviors (openness, conscientiousness, etc). Get detailed answers in regards to openness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, agreeableness and extraversion. - you can save your results for review. Save up to 2 test results so that you can have the overview at any time. A good way to see if you have evolved over the time by taking the test multiple times. - you can share over your social network of choice. Choose a social network and share the results with your friends. - you can e-mail the results for reviewing them possibly with the help of a psychologist. A good way to shorten the sessions is by taking this test in your spare time and just e-mail your psychologist the results. Or e-mail a friend who doesn't own WP7 his/her results! Exclusively for WP7! Get it now!
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Personality Test

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