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New in ver 1.5: Police gun, Scanner codes, Police badge. Police Siren is a cool fun app that simulates a police siren and lights. It includes different high quality police siren audio and blue/red lights. * Light Effects * Sound Effects: You can tap the screen to change the sound effects! Included are 5 different audio effects. * Police Gun (9mm Beretta): Use it to “enforce” the law your way. Tap to shoot. * Police Badge: Everything the Police have, you too have it now. * Scanner Codes: familiarize yourself with Police Scanner codes: ‘10’, ‘11’ and ‘Penal Codes’. Check out what all the Police codes mean. Warning: The app is intended for entertainment only and should NOT be used for illegal activities. Use the app with discretion. Do not use this to impersonate a police officer in any way.
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Police Siren

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