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Portal Sounds has some of the best sound clips from the popular game Portal and Portal 2. UPDATES 2.0: - Added TONS of Portal 2 Content! See below for a list of the new content! - FEAR NOT! IT HAS A "PORTAL 2 SPOILER FREE MODE", which on by default. Easy to toggle it off. - Increased default volume to 90%, sounds much better. - NO MORE REPEATING. Mystery solved, this was caused by running certain other apps before this one. - TONS of little UI usability improvements. You can now tap the same sound repeatedly, for example. - +1 Easter Egg... Cave Johnson here. Now you can relive the wrath of witty GLaDOS, or feel bad for those poor, cute little Turrets. Hell, I was shot by one once, and I felt bad for it. SOUNDS ======== There are well over 200 sounds to choose from! NOTE: A Portal 2 Spoiler-free mode is enabled by default, no worries! Just toggle it off when you're ready. - 50 GLaDOS clips! - 19 Cave Johnson clips! - 17 Wheatley clips! - 18 Turret clips! - 28 clips from Fact, Space, and Adventure Core! - 9 clips from Curiosity and Cake Core - The portal gun sounds and other sound effects - Lots of music: - "Still Alive" the ending song - The "Still Alive" radio - The Enrichment Center music - Want You Gone - Robots FTW - Turret Serenade The easy to navigate interface lets you find the sounds you want in list form. OTHER FEATURES ============ - Customize the background image. - Play sounds at random. - Control the volume. - Ad-free version 'Portal Tribute' available with much more sounds and features available. PORTAL 2 CONTENT ============= Added in Version 2.0: - Cave Johnson: 19 Clips - Adventure Core: 11 Clips - Fact Core: 8 Clips - Space Core: 9 Clips - Wheatley: 17 Clips - GLaDOS: Additional 25 Clips! - Turrets: Additional 7 Clips including defective and different turret - Music/SFX: Additional 3 music tracks including Want You Gone - 1 new background image All trademarks are copyright of their respective owners.
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Portal Sounds

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