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Turn Your phone into predator bio mask, and see the world in thermovision colors! Changes in version 3.1: - optimized image processing, now its smoother for new visions - added link to my other apps - some minor fixes in app help pages Changes in version 3.0: - Improved buttons and sounds - 2 new visions (Alien - finds aliens [black things], Plant - finds plants [green and brown things]) - found solution to app crashes (thanks for all Your comments!) - fixed upsidedown error (thanks zulu killer 26!) - LED turns on when taking picture (now should work on every phone) - pictures are saved in HD now - app saves its settings New cool features in version 2.0 : - app is much faster! - better color map - added cool sounds - better picture making - improved Yauta font Not enought of fresh functionals? Coming soon: - Invisibility! - Wraist blades! - Plasma Cannon! ... nope, just kidding :) But if You have some great ideas about this app, feel free to contact me at Have fun! PS. This app doesn't show real thermal spectrum of objects seen in viewfinder. It is supposed to be funny, simple app, maybe for some fans of Predator movie (and I'm one of them) this might be something more, acting as element of Predator costume.
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