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A fully-featured IQ test that reveals your intelligence quotient! The IQ Test is a very important test and it's results are used to qualify for a large array of events. Employers and academic entities issue IQ tests, so why not find out QUICKLY and ACCURATELY how BIG is your IQ! It features a test of 30 questions randomly selected from 50 questions each time you take the test, so if you want to practice, you can retake the test! At the end, you will find out the answers and their CORRECT explanation! Features: - based on high quality IQ tests from around the world, issued by governments, academic entities and professionals - 50 questions that are challenging and engaging, with more to be added at every update - answers are EXPLAINED! Never again feel like you had the right answer but the test was wrong. See exactly how you have to think to answer specific questions - you can save your results for review. Save up to 3 test results so that you can have the overview at any time. A good way to see if you have evolved over the time by taking the test multiple times. Also, a good way for your friends to try out your new IQ app! - you can share over your social network of choice. Choose a social network and share the results with your friends. Getting 160 IQ is a good enough reason to brag to your friends! - you can e-mail the results for reviewing them. A good way to keep track of your evolution. Or e-mail a friend who doesn't own WP7 his/her results! Exclusively for WP7! Get it now! ___ Update 1.1 : - added 20 more questions for a total of 50 now - complete redesign for a more pleasant experience - ability to save/share/e-mail the results - added a history of the last 3 IQ tests taken
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Quick IQ Test

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