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This is version 3.0 of the wildly popular app SecurityStrobe. New colors and faster strobes! This app lets you be noticed anywhere, anytime! Whether you're alone at night on the side of the road or in a large crowd at a concert, just start up the app and choose between a full screen blast of strobing light or crazy animated shapes! You can be seen up to a half mile away on a dark road (wave the phone to create a large arc of light) or stand out at a sporting event. Get the attention of police in an emergency. Have your friends or family find you in a crowd. Use "Full Color" to turn a dark room into a disco, point the phone at the ceiling and the whole room lights up! Use the "Star" shape at a concert, you'll be sure to get the band's attention! This app will make you stand out anywhere you go and is ALWAYS good to have on your phone in case of an emergency. There are so many different ways to use this app, download it today and see what you can come up with! I take feedback seriously and use it to make the app better. Thank you to all my users for making this app such a success! Version 3.0- neon page added, strobe speed increased, marketplace search feature added Version 2.0- shapes added, red & white page added, navigation consistency enhanced Version 1.0- beta release
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