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100% Free with NO Ads and available only for a very limited time. SnowGlobe 3D is an amazing interactive holiday snow globe hologram app unlike anything else on the Marketplace. Inside the hologram you’ll find a warm fire-lit house on a cold snowy winter’s night – ready for the holidays with a tree to celebrate. If you’re looking for a reason to bust out your Windows Phone and show it off at all those holiday parties, use this hologram as a great ice breaker! You can play with the snow globe in 3 cool ways: 1. Shake for snow – the more you shake, the more it snows 2. Swipe for wind – add gusts of wind to make the snow dance 3. Tap for lights – turn on and off the holiday tree lights If you like it please rate it and also be sure to check out my other app - HoloPhone3D - for 24 more 3D hologram experiences!
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