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Voice Chat is an artificial intelligence chat-bot. Have fun with Voice Chat’s bot, Eve, by having an informal chat and talking to her as you would to a friend. Although Eve isn't very book smart, she knows a lot and will surprise you with some of her questions and answers ;-). You’ll have a lot of fun discovering what kinds of questions she can answer… She has a really witty personality! Features in version 2.1… • (new) You can now change the color of the speech bubbles • (new) Eve can repeat something she said before • (new) Share Eve’s witty answers via SMS or social networks, like Facebook • (new) Edit your previous questions, if you want to slightly alter your questions • English and Chinese Speech recognition is excellent. It works better when you speak slowly and clearly • Watch this space - we're working on cool, new features for v3.0, including more language versions We welcome your feedback... If there are any features/changes you'd like to see in future versions or if you just need help using the app, please write to us at support@brillisoft.com.
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Voice Chat

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