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The one and only WAAAT! This is not just the best Descipable Me Soundboard for Windows Phone, but of any Smartphone OS. Enjoy Gru, Vector, the girls, Minions and others where ever you go! 100% of advertising and app sale revenues are used to support missionaries in Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. Thank you for your support. Features * Free * Over 90 sounds * Use any sound as a Ringtone * FREE! Stayed tuned for the following updates: Version 2.1 to feature Pin2Start for quick play of individual sounds! Change Log Ver 2.0 * Updated for Windows Phone 7.5 * Use any sound as a Ringtone * Bug and crash fixes * Corrected Nefario spelling Ver 1.5 * Added 32 new sounds! * Added Web and Twitter links * Reduced application size * Code changes related to future Mango release Ver 1.1: * Cleaned up button spacing
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Sound Adjustment in Windows 7
"Hi all, There is a headachy problem which is really annoying me. I have thought it over without any result. Recently, I installed Windows 8 operating system on my laptop, but it seems that there is some problem about the sound coming up. I right c..."



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