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WebTone v1.5.0 WHAT IS WEBTONE? WebTone is an app that allows you to put in a link to an MP3 or WMA file, download said file and set it as a custom ringtone on your phone. It is built specifically for the Windows Phone "Mango" update (http://wpupgrade.ms/mangome). WHAT'S NEW? Based on feedback, WebTone now has a browser built in so you can browse the web to find the ringtone file you desire. ARE THERE RESTRICTIONS? Yes, although not that have been placed by me. These restrictions come from Microsoft themselves: - 39 seconds or shorter - smaller than 1 megabyte (MB) - saved in MP3 or WMA format - not copy-protected (i.e. DRM free) The app will check filesize and stop the download if it sees it's greater than 1mb (saves using up valuable data usage) but it doesn't check for how long the mp3/wma is. If you try and add a ringtone longer than that, the phone will reject it. CAN I GET TRACKS ALREADY IN MY COLLECTION? No. Unfortunately there are no hooks to be able to get at them. If they come in later versions of Windows Phone I will look at adding this support to the app. SUPPORT/FEEDBACK If you find any problems, please get in touch with me on twitter (I'm @scottisafool). Or email me: scottisafool@live.co.uk
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