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Attention people who like the sound of a whip cracking! Hold the phone tightly in your hand and crack it like a whip to hear the sound of well... a whip cracking! Or just click the 'whip crack' button! If you do not get any sound, please try re-installing the app as that has worked with many other users. Feel free to leave feedback or send an email thru the app. Your feedback helps make the marketplace a better place! Demo Video: http://youtu.be/x96D1f4cXC4 Twitter: #goodbar_dev Email: goodbardevelopment@gmail.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whip-Free/210449355723064 Made in America [release notes v1.6 - submitted 5/26/2012] - Optimizations - Expanded the sensitivity settings to a range of 0.25 - 3.00 [release notes v1.5 - submitted 5/10/2012] - Removed 'save' button from settings screen in favor of the back button. - Added 'rate me' button to main screen. [release notes v1.4 - submitted 3/26/2012] - Added Settings page to adjust sensitivity of motion. - Cleaned up the main page. [release notes v1.3 - submitted 3/15/2012] - Added a whip crack button - Back by popular demand, the original mp3! [release notes v1.2 - submitted 3/11/2012] - Swapped media element out for sound effect and switched from mp3 to wav. Please let me know via an in-app email if anyone still encounters any device compatibility issues. - Increased sensitivity of accelerometer.
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Whip Free

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