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AC3 (Audio Coding 3) is a synonym for Dolby Digital, was created by Dolby Labs for use in a Dolby Digital audio on DVD, Blu-ray and other digital video formats, increases fidelity over its previous surround sound standard, Pro-logic, with independent tracks for each of the 6 speakers, a 16bit sampling at 48khz rate compressed by 10- 12 times, making for a total bit rate of 384kbps.

Dolby Digital AC-3 is based on feeling to the development of multi-channel surround sound coding system, an advanced audio compression technology. Currently, it has been adopted as the U.S. high-definition television (HDTV) audio system, the latest DVD drive also includes Dolby Digital AC-3. So Dolby AC-3 surround sound system may be very promising technology.
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ac3 player 1.0

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