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Thanks to a built-utility, you can easily transcode music from one format to another, write sound with a microphone or other sound device, edit tags music files, as well as a group to rename or sort them. AIMP2 based on the known audio engine BASS, you can easily connect the plug from the library to AIMP.


- Support for a large number of music formats

- A small consumption of system resources

- The great functionality and intuitive interface

- 18 leading band EQ + embedded sound effects

- The ability to work directly with several playlists

- Built-utility sound recordings, audio converter / CD flagship

- Built editor tags with the ability to edit files group, sort of, or rename, there is a preview, support and cover Lirycs

- Easy management system to program the plug

- Shutting down the computer on the timer / playback at the end

- Creating bookmarks, Release Play

- Multi language interface

- Support multiplayer mode

- Customizable global and local hot keys

- The possibility of an expanded search files

- The ability to listen to and record Internet

- Flexible Program

- Audio Library

- The small size distribution

- Support for plug-ins that can help you expand the program: add new utilities and expand existing

- It is possible to connect some of the plug-WINAMP Input, DSP and Gen

- Support for a multitude of audio formats: wav; ogg, wma; cda; mp3; mp2; mp1; mtm; mod; xm; it; aif; umx; s3m; mo3;

- Audio converter allows convert music from a variety of formats to wma, mp3, wav, ogg

- Audio Grabber allows "loot" AudioCD (CDA) in MP3, OGG, WAV or WMA

- Sound allows you to write sound from any audio device with the system in mp3, ogg, wav and wma!

- Editor tags, which you can easily edit tags of audio files, rename files as well as a group, sort of a template or use values tags to a group of files.

- Audio library is an organizer of music files, which will allow you to easily sort your music, songs stand assessment

- You become a good idea, or you like any other player feature?

- Well, you know, make a language-localization AIMP and send it to us.

- There are other areas of cooperation, and if you are a creative person, you will find them yourself.
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aimp 3.00 Build 981

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