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Akane is a music player that I started coding to toy around with PyQt4's Phonon module. It's vaguely like Amarok 1.4, but has a greatly-reduced feature set. As I learn more about PyQt4, I'll be adding in more features as I see fit, possibly making Akane into a fairly-substantial application. Akane is hereby released under the MIT license. The compiled binaries are currently made using cxfreeze with the following option: --include-modules="moodbar,stagger,PyQt4.QtNetwork"


* Separate collection and playlist views (like Amarok and Exaile)

* Collection (library) manager

* Ability to search for songs based on tag data and file names

* Scraper for fetching Wikipedia data and lyrics for the current song

* System tray-based controls when minimized to the system tray

* Allows users to drag-and-drop files to the playlist

* New in version 0.5.x and above: Full moodbar support (Linux only)

* Basic playlist editor

* Basic tag editing support

* Plugin and theme support

* Support for importing and exporting XSPF, M3U, and plaintext playlists

* Is (and always will be) free and open-source. Who wouldn't want that? =)
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akane 1.2.11

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