ants dvd player 1.0


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Ants DVD Player is a high-quality DVD movie playing program. It's designed for Windows system including 2000, XP, 2003, Vista.

Comparing with many other DVD Players, Ants DVD Player has many new features like low CPU usage, Vista optimizing, D3D technology, multi-thread reading, digital audio amplifier, playing area zoom, image capturing, learning mode, etc.

Ants DVD Player works on any computers as long as it has a DVD-ROM installed. If your PC does not have a DVD-ROM installed, it can only play DVD movies installed on your hard disc. It is compatible with any type of DVD-ROMs. And it can play any type of DVD movie discs.

Ants DVD Player is an easy-to-use DVD Player program, it has many advanced features besides playing movie.

* High level decoder

* Multi-thread technology

* Direct3D Technology

* Karaoke DVD Supported

* Magic zoom

* Learning mode

* Bookmark

* Aspect ratio

* Capture image

* Secondary subtitle

* Audio amplify

* Floating panel

* Options dialog

* Shortcut keys

* Bind or unbind the control panel

* Small file size
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ants dvd player 1.0

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