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Any Time lets you independently take control of the time, the pitch, and the sample rate of an audio recording. You can: - Do time stretching - Change the playback time of the recording without changing the pitch. - Do pitch scaling - Change the pitch of the recording without changing the playback time. With optional formant correction. - Do sample rate conversion - Change the sample rate without changing either the pitch or the playback time. - Recreate missing high-frequency components - Optionally synthesize "overtones" into any empty upper frequency range (e.g. when 'upsampling' or when scaling down the pitch) using a proprietary high frequency extrapolation algorithm. - Professional mastering functions such as automatic psycho-acoustically corrected and heuristics based volume normalization and high order professional noise-shaped (inverse F-weighted) dithering of the output. - Extremely high precision algorithms used. - Frequency analysis tool with an advanced note calculator helps you easily calculate pitch adjustments. - Supports many common file formats. - Handles audiophile quality audio formats - 24-bit 192-KHz, multi-channel audio is no problem! Internal sample precision is 64-bit floating point and up to 1000 audio channels can be handled!
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