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Aurigma Image Uploader is a complete solution, supporting a wide range of websites for allowing your visitors to upload images easily and quickly. It is ideal for integration into any type of website such as an online photo sharing service, content management system or social networking site. For maximum convenience and versatility, the software is completely compatible with all modern browsers including Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. The program is compatible with both ActiveX and Java technology. The interface is simple and straightforward so that visitors to your site of any level of experience can use it without any steep learning curve. Since every website has its own look and feel, it is important that any plugin that you install can be made to blend in with your site as well. In addition to images, files of any type can be uploaded with this file upload utility. To suit the needs of your site, Aurigma Image Uploader is fully customizable. Once you install it, you can customize the colors, buttons and texts as much as you want. You can learn more about Aurigma Image Uploader at
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Aurigma Image Uploader Dual

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