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AUTOFI is a FREE Media Player front-end for CarPC's and mobile computers using the Microsoft Windows operating system. Aimed at Personal Computers with smaller displays and/or touch screens, it is designed as an easy to use front-end for a PC fitted to a car (known as a CarPC), boat or other vehicle. Play your MP3's and media files on the move with a simple to use FILE based selection system.

Main Features:

* Large easy to use Media Player controls ideal for smaller touch screens and monitors.

* Clear uncluttered interface optimized for touch screens with a selection of colour themes.

* Separate day and night time themes selection with easy switching between the two.

* FILE based media design and not library based - Add and remove media easily, just copy it to your hard drive.

* It's FREE! A fair bit cheaper than other CarPC front ends costing over $100. (Help keep it Free, click here).

Additional Features:

* Car PC (or other vehicle) orientated 'Home' screen with date, time, media info and our unique integrated GPS Speedo and Compass!

* Built in Onscreen Keyboard when AutoFi requires data input, when saving a Playlist for example.

* Analog (dial) and Digital Speed and Direction display. Speed display in Mph, K-Mph and Knots making it useful in any country or even on a boat!

* Track Info Screen (ID3v1 Tags) with Album / Track artwork.

* Run operating system commands and programs, restart and shut down PC from the System menu.
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autofi 1.0

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